CaboMate Guide

Select a Category
*Arrow left

Open a channel
*Click the channel to preview, click again to open full screen

Go back to previous channel

*Arrow right to switch to the previous channel

Hide & reorder categories 
-from the guide
-Arrow left to open the categories
-Long hold OK/Enter & a right side menu opens
-Click Manage groups
-Click Group sorting & change to manual
-Scroll down to each category with a green dot & click to remove & make grey
 ****WARNING is the cursor stalls, please wait 2-5 seconds for each channel to change. If you move to fast the program will crash
After removing all categories you dont want. Move up to Reorder Groups & place them in the order you want.

Hide & reorder channels
-from the guide
-Long hold OK/Enter & a right side menu opens
-3 down click "Assign TV guide channels"
-Arrow left to manage channels visibility or Reorder channels
**You can do this for each category, but must be in that category

Closed caption
-Open any channel
-Click once for bottom menu
-Arrow down for next bottom menu
-Scroll right to CC (off)
-Click CC
-Now you have opened to Closed captions
-edit the settings

Fix major buffering from slow internet
Open the guide hold OK/enter on any channel
 Right menu goto bottom
 Click settings
 Click playback
 Buffer size switch the large
*this may slow the load of channels.
**Nvidia shield only
Go to bottom shield fix and turn on.

Reopen preview channel. While surfing the guide you may want to return to the channel you were watching
*Long hold the back button. 

Clear Cache and Force Stop 
*homescreen of your device
-Top right or bottom left (click) settings
-Click apps
-Click CaboMate
-Click force stop and click OK
-Click clear cache and click OK
"Do not click clear data!!!!"

Update Guide & set when it updates
*Long hold on any channel to open the right side menu.
 Bottom select settings
 Click TV Guide
 Click Update Guide

Use External Player for buffering or channel not opening. 
*Long hold on any channel to open the right side menu.
 2nd line Program Description
 Select Open External Player
 Select VLC
 Select Just Once (DO NOT select always)
      -this will cause all your channels to open with external player. You only want to use this backup if you have an issue with a channel