What is Cabo InterneTV?

We support subscription based services from major cable companies within our easy to use Guide without using a VPN.
With several features like listing search from our Guide to other services from Netflix or Hulu
Our content runs thru KODI or stand alone APK in Android devices. 
Kodi is a legal streaming program supplied by Microsoft Window Store. 
We are not associated with any illegal free streaming services. 
3rd party addons are not associated with our service or covered under any tech help.  
We also offer Sales, Service & Tech help for all our customers locally or remotely thru your device. Windows devices we access your entire system remotely. Android & Firestick we only access our programming service remotely. 

What internet speed do I need to run CaboInterneTV programming
You need a minimum of 2Mbps (steady stream). We run landline testing 5-8Mbps flawlessly. Our servers are geared to handle slower connections. PING needs to be below 70 for landline. Fiberoptics and wifi can be higher PINGS.
 To test your connection we recommend visiting www.speedtest.net Test your connection 5-7 times to get and average speed. Please test from your device or using a cell phone or laptop wifi near the streaming device. Testing at different distance than your device will give a different reading. As in if the device is in another room. The walls can be playing a factor in the wifi strength. 

Testing your wifi connection
  1. First check you internet connection by using www.speedtest.net Test the connection 5-7 times and you want a steady speed above 2 Mbps with a PING below 70. (the lower the ping the better)
  2. Make sure you are testing the internet near your device if its using wifi. The distance can effect the speed.
  3. Testing from a cell phone is fine but you need to do this near your device. 
  4. Wifi distance is a main factor in testing the wifi for the first time. You may think its close but the signal that distance or around a wall could be effecting the signal strength. 

Telcel router is buffering

Make sure your on a 4G Telcel signal, test your download speed. We have tested and found hard wired with ethernet Telcel routers work better. We have also seen the same buffering at speeds as low as 2Mbps to 76 Mbps. We are still testing to figure out the issue with these routers. But for the time being hardwire seems to make a huge difference. 

How long does my device order take?

Orders 5-7 business days to arrive

What types of payments do you accept?
We accept PayPal, OXXO/Banamex deposit & Credit Cards

Will you come to our home to install the device?
Unfortunately, we dont. The system is very easy to install with a HDMI, power cord & your internet login.
We supply instructions or a short tutorial on how the system works when you pickup your order. Or use this websites Tips & Tricks. 

Will you come to our home for repairs or problem?
Unfortunately, we dont, we will try everything we can to help you other ways. You can read all the FAQs, Tips & Tricks or How To's on this website to fix your issue.
You can also call you email us to figure out your issue or you can stop by the store for any issues or repairs. 
We do not handle your internet issues with your internet service provider. This is your responsibility. 
Any home visit is 200 pesos per hour or minimum of 400 pesos.

Netflix and YouTube play fine but Cabo CabointerneTV buffers.
Both services have auto resolution. Click settings on what you are watching to see what resolution it's playing at. 1080 down to 140. Cabointernetv only plays at 1080 or 720. If your speed is bad and below 720 then it will buffer. This can happen rapidly. So one speed test doesn't find this issue. You need to test until you see the drop. Sometimes it takes 20 tests to see it.

What channels do you offer.

Our subscription offers complete list of US major providers. All others are bonus features.

Do you offer local channels.

YES, as a bonus we have local networks for U.S. cities for ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX. All included in your subscription. Our primary channel is LA local 

Do you add channels.
No, we do not take channel request or add special channels. Our channel lineup is what we offer. 

Can I use my Roku or AppleTV.
Unfortunately no you can not use a Roku. Apple TV will reject all programs not sold in the Apple Store.

Can I use my SmartTV.
YES, new 2018 smartTVs with Android installed will work with our programming. Look for the green alien or on startup your TV will display Android.  These TVs include: Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Infocus, Hisense, Toshiba, Sharp, RCA & Philips.

How difficult is it to install your devices.
Very simply, its an HMDI & power cord. After that just input your wifi code or plug directly in an Ethernet cord. 

How many GB of data does CaboInterneTV use
We play in 1080HD (some channels in 720) Which means we use roughly .9GB-1.65GB per hour

Error connection lost stream
Do guide maintenance if this doesn't solve it contact your internet provider. You connection isn't stable.
Restart the router, preform speedtest 7-10 times

How long does my Subscription order take to activate?
Please give us 24hrs. Most services are activated or renewed within one hour (during business hours.)
We suggest not letting subscriptions expire. 

What happens when my subscription expires?
Simple you don't pay it turns off. If you wish to extend your subscription simply order service when you are ready again. 

I can not add my item to the shopping cart.
You are not logged into your account. Every item mentions this if you are not logged in or registered. 

I can't access parts of the website
You are not logged into your account. You must be a registered member to view everything & place orders. 

Channel is buffering immediately 
Back out of the channel & click it again. If still buffering, back out to the guide & click it again. Next is to do guide maintenance or the steps below in the next question.

Clear Cache and Force Stop
*homescreen of your device
-Top right or bottom left (click) settings
-Click apps
-Click CaboMate
-Click force stop and click OK
-Click clear cache and click OK
"Do not click clear data!!!"

TV Guide has double text, mirrored on my show.
TV Guide channel logos have disappeared.
TV Guide no program information
Channels are buffering.
Sound lost after a few minutes.

Perform maintenance for the guide. Hold OK on any channel show. Sub menu will pop up. -OR on the home screen click Programs, (program addons) Hold OK on CaboInterneTV Guide click Settings (Top menu) Maintenance DO NOT click reset everything or you will need to input username & password again. Reset channel programs Reset channel logos Reset linked data Delete cookies Delete all saved streams Scroll down clear cache Above in General Kodi Maintenance. Clear or Delete all 4 items. NEXT: reset your router by unplugging it for 5-10 seconds NE
I can not enter the TV Guide it say I may have 3 or more device logged in.
This is a security feature. You either logged in/out to fast, still logged in from another device or just a glitch. Wait 5 minutes and log in again. It will clear. If it doesn't please contact us to check your account.

Screen says lost stream. Do you want to forget this channel.
Select YES and try the channel again. We may have updated the link in our servers. 
Enter maintenance and clear Cache

Guide is stuck updating.
Press the back button or hit cancel. Then do guide maintenance. Try to force stop CaboInterneTV Guide in the device settings under apps. Not from Kodi. 

How do I record TV shows or Movies?
You do not need to do this. We have a feature called "Catchup". Go backwards on the guide & any show, sports, news or live event still listed is waiting to watch. The guide will go back 24-27 hrs.
Also, under the videos section. The free addons library has everything recorded within 30mins to 1 hour after it was aired. (remember we do not maintain or have anything to do with these free addons)

Addons not working
Unfortunately, we are not associated with any of these 3rd party addons. They come and go everyday. We merely give you suggested ones to use. But, we in no way maintain for service these addons.  Please refer to Latest Add-ons for suggested updates

Message CaboInterneTV is down
Simply click the icon again and it should open. If it doesn't after 5mins. Please contact us. This is usually a simple internet hiccup

My channel is showing a blue, black or bouncing logo. 

We are on top of it. This is not your device. It is located in our servers. You can report the issue but usually our servers are already detecting the issue and being corrected. 

How do I remove a saved stream or channel
If you have "Save and Remember stream selection for channel" selected. It saves the stream choice of channels with multiple options. If you want to remove this from a channel. In the Guide, highlight the channel you want to remove the saved stream. Hold the OK/Enter button for 1-2 seconds. The sub menu pops up. Now click remove stream. 

CaboInterneTV or Kodi homepage screen looks different (blue background)
Please refer to the How to Install section "Change skin to Confluence"
After you have changed the skin & you do not see the addons under Videos or Add-on. This means the system has been erased & needs to be reinstalled. 
Go to the How to Install page & see Reinstalling Files (you must be logged in to see this section)

My sound is not matching the video.
Windows/Android: bottom right of the show is a audio icon. Click it, then 3rd option is audio offset. You can move the audio forward or backwards to rematch the video. 
Firestick: press the center button (menu pops up) Now press the 3bar button. then 3rd option is audio offset. You can move the audio forward or backwards to rematch the video. 

You can also perform guide maintenance & reset your router by unplugging it for 5-10 seconds

My video is buffering or no audio
  1. First check you internet connection by using www.speedtest.net Test the connection 5-7 times and you want a steady speed above 2 Mbps with a PING below 70. (the lower the ping the better)
  2. Make sure you are testing the internet near your device if its using wifi. The distance can effect the speed.
  3. The movie stream could be a bad link. Choose a different link if in the free addons. 
  4. If still bad with good internet please report the issue to us. Do not report problems with free addons. We have no control over them. Only our paid service.
      Perform guide maintenance & reset your router by unplugging it for 5-10 seconds.

CaboInterneTV Guide has disappeared from the home page

Please see how to install section: Add shortcuts to homescreen

Home page of Kodi goto:
Install from Repository
CaboInterneTV Guide, (update, enable or install)
Now return to the home page.
skin (configure skin)
Add-on shortcuts
Scroll down the Home page programs submeu.
Click Add-on 3.
Select CaboInterneTV Guide.

You are done

Reading a PVR client error 
To reinstall the PVR Simple Client go to kodi home page
Install from repository
Kodi addon repository
PVR clients
PVR iptv simple client (click on it install) 

The is no sound and red Icon in upper right
You accidentally hit F8, Press F8 to undo mute. 

The is no sound or volume is very low or high
You actually have up to 3 volume controls. Your TV, the device & our program.
Pre adjust your TV volume to about half. This will allow the device volume to be your main volume. /
Next is the volume amplification in our program. If we install all programming this is already reconfigured for you. If not please refer to tips & tricks section for volume amplification. 

My remote is not working all I have is a cursor arrow on the screen.

You have activated the AirMouse feature on the remote. Simply press the arrow or mouse icon to deactivate it

I turn the device off but it turns back on immediately 
Most likely you are pressing or holding another key after clicking off. Most device with sleep mode wake back up by simply hitting any key on the remote. 

Screen doesn't fit theTV
1.) Try to resize the screen using your TV remote for aspect ratio.
2.) In Kodi: System, Settings, Skin, Zoom, (Decrease the % until the screen looks correct.)

Kodi is shrunk on the screen or small window

Press the \ button on your remote. This is a hot key function

Kodi is in Windows mode
Go to System, Settings, System.
Display Mode switch from Windowed to full screen

Says my subscription has expired
Your 30 calendar days have expired. You can simply add (up to 3mths) into your cart and make a payment. Refer to tips & tricks for adding username to check your usernames are correct. If correct, contact us to make sure we extended your account. We do this manually each month it is not automatic. 

When does my subscription expire

Your subscription is 30 calendar days. 30 calendar days from the day we issue you your username and password or you pickup your device from us.
We send you a notice by email 1-3 days before it expires.

No program information on all channels
If your subscription has not expired. Perform Guide Maintenance to Reset channel program information. If this does not fix the issue please contact us.

I forgot my username and password

Please contact us for your login information

CaboInterneTV Guide is stuck updating
Press cancel & perform guide maintenance.

CaboInterneTV Guide is froze
Firestick/Android users: simply unplug the device & reboot. Then setting the device settings (not Kodi), manage applications & force stop, then clear cache. 
Windows: Hit the Win button on your remote. Now navigate the windows tool bar to restart your box. 

Firestick or Android box froze or black screen
Simple fast solution is to unplug the power and reset the device. You will not damage the device.
PLEASE refrain from using this as a fix for Windows10 boxes. This can damage the system and not boot again. 
Windows: Hit the Win button on your remote. Now navigate the windows tool bar to restart your box. 

Firestick or Android Kodi froze or not starting correctly
Simple fast solution is go to settings, manage installed apps, Kodi, clear cache and force stop. 

Lost connection or stream is down error

Click the channel again. It could be a hiccup in internet speed, Check your connection & internet speed.
The channel could be down and will be back shortly. 
If several channels are doing the same thing. High chance your connection internet connection weak or lost. 
Reset your router by unplugging it for 5-10 seconds.
The Guide wont open when I click the Icon
You may need to update the guide.
On home screen of Kodi make Addons blue
click My Addons, Click CabointerneTV Guide, Click Update, Click version 1.2.9 (or current version)
it should update & automatically open the guide

Channels are buffering
Perform maintenance for the guide. Hold OK on any channel show. Sub menu will pop up. Settings, Maintenance Reset channel programs Reset channel logos Reset linked data Delete cookies Delete all saved streams Scroll down clear cache.

Reset your router by unplugging it for 5-10 seconds.