Adding Username

How To Add username/password to CaboMate

After app installation is complete, you can contact use for your username & password.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our guide will only work with a paid subscription service. 

1. Open CaboMate App and click Add Playlist

2. Click Enter URL

3. Enter provided account info inserted.

Anyname: "Your username"
Username: "Your username"
Password: "Your password"
* Include VOD (leave alone does not matter) 

5. Wait for the Playlist to insert.

6. You will then see Playlist is processed message with Channel count and your Playlist name. Click Next.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not see a playlist or next highlighted. You have entered something wrong with the username or password. 
*If you get zero channels you entered your username or password incorrectly.
Simplest way to the go to device settings, apps, CaboMate Guide & clear data. Then start all over.  

If your guide opens to No channels or 0 channel playlist
-Close the guide back to home screen of the device
-Click settings
-Click apps
-Click CaboMate Guide
-Click Forcestop
-Click Clear DATA!!!!!!!!!


Now go back and reenter your login credentials. You may have spelt them incorrect.
If the channel list still says 0 channels. You must go back and follow the steps above in Step 2


After you have logged in. Please clean up your guide by these ways:
1. Open the guide and hold to OK/enter button 2 seconds and the right side Settings menu opens. Click settings at the bottom.

Each section below leave only a green dot. The rest are grey dots
General: Confirm exit by second press Back
TV Guide: both buttons green
        Groups: Highlight current group in color
Press back until you are at the Guide again.
*We do not recommend using the Favorites groups as they will delete with any changes to said channels.