Fix audio sync/lag

Any time you have a error or problem with the CaboInterneTV Guide. Common issues can be fixed by preforming basic maintenance on your own. 

ATTENTION: ALL Nivida, Mibox, Firestick & Hisense TVs.
The below is accessed from the menu on the screen on your show. Hit the OK/Enter, then hold the OK/Enter or hit the 3 bar button on your remote.
Scroll down to Step: 3 I will update this page when I get a moment. 

Step: 1 While playing the film/video press the ‘ok’ button in the middle of your remote to bring up the selection menu at the bottom of the screen like below

Step: 2 Scroll across to the right and click the ‘speaker’ icon

Step: 3 You will see a pop-up menu. Choose Audio Offset

Step: 4 Use the slider to put the audio forwards, or back. This can be done whilst the video is playing to see real-time results

Step: 5 When you are happy with the sound, press the ‘return’ button on your remote, then return again to get back out to the selection menu.