How to Install

We have Kodi or APK to use our guides. You may also use any guide the accepts M3U or username/password and domain/port.
We do suggest using the APK versus the Kodi version. Due to being fully customizable & superior. Kodi is only recommended for Windows users. 

This is the first steps after you do the initial setup of your actual device. Refer to the instructions in the box for initial startup. 

To setup our APK (the best TV guide avaliable anywhere)
Use the direct download link http://archive.org/download/cabo-matetest/CaboMate.apk  or http://archive.org/download/cabo-matetest to access the server files

To setup using KODI (we only suggest this guide for Windows users)
1.) You will install Kodi to your device
2.) You need to change the skin back to confluence to follow our instructions
3.) Install all of our Guide
4.) Adding our custom background for Kodi homepage & our Guide
5.) Adding newest Add-ons to the homepage
6.) Adding the username & password into the Guide

*If you have Downloader installed you can access our version of Kodi in these files quickly by using this url http://archive.org/download/cabo-tv
Or USB download and transfers into your device.

Click on the folder that reads Install
Download the APK, Zip files, JPG.
Then follow the direction for each below on how to install