How to Install

We have an APK to use our guide. You may also use any guide the accepts M3U or username/password and domain/port.
We do suggest using our APK versus the others. Due to being fully customizable & superior.

This is the first steps after you do the initial setup of your actual device. Refer to the instructions in the box for initial startup. 

To setup our APK Guide
Click the logo below "CaboMate Guide"


You will first need to uninstall CaboMate Guide from your device.
To do this, from the homescreen of your device you will see the green CaboMate logo.
Now go to your device settings.
Click the following:

If you go back & see CaboMate in your apps. You have not uninstalled CaboMate. This is not in downloads or favorited. This is on your home screen & in app.

Follow this link on installing CaboMate Guide again How to Install CaboMate
  *simple fast way is open Downloader,  type “archive.org/download/cabo-mate” Click CaboMake.apk & install 

Login credentials

If your guide opens to No channels or 0 channel playlist
-Close the guide back to home screen of the device
-Click settings
-Click apps
-Click CaboMate Guide
-Click Forcestop
-Click Clear DATA!!!!!!!!!


Now go back and reenter your login credentials. You may have spelt them incorrect.
If the channel list still says 0 channels. You must go back and follow the steps above in Step 2

After this go into your Settings, TV Guide turn on:
update on app start
update on playlist change