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Become a Reseller

The future of TV is here. Become a reseller and add more options for your customers.
We are Baja's #1 IPTV service and the only real service in Baja with actual customer service, tech help and servers. 

The more you sell to more you earn. 
We give:
 up to 10% commission of device sales
 up to 15% of subscription sales 

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Customer Referral Program

Spread the word with friends, family & the WORLD!
We will give you one month FREE subscription service after any referral completes 6 months of paid subscription service.

* You must contact us 30 days before the 6 months is completed.
* Offer expires after the 6 months is completed.
* Can not combine more than 3 free credits consecutively.

PLEASE contact us for your personal referral coupon code to share.