TV Guide Maintenance

TV Guide Maintenance:
Any time you have a error or problem with the CaboInterneTV Guide. Common issues can be fixed by preforming basic maintenance on your own. 

Step: 1 click Add-Ons 
                 In the guide itself (long) hold OK button for the submenu to pop up.
                 *(if you click My addons, you need to then select Program Addons
                 *Older versions of Kodi you click Programs on the main menu homepage. 

Step: 2 right click or (long) hold OK button on the CaboInterneTV Guide.
               In the guide submenu select settings

Step: 3 arrow right to Maintenance
DO NOT RESET EVERYTHING (this deletes your username, password & other settings)
  1. Reset channel(s) program information
  2. Reset channel logos
  3. Reset linked addons data
  4. Delete cookiefile
  5. Delete all saved stream selections for all channels
  6. SCROLL down below (General Kodi Maintenance) is
    Clear cache
  7. Above General Kodi Maintenance. Clear or Delete all 4 items
    (these 4 are really the only ones you need to do regularly)